From merger to murder to mass torts and manufacturers’ liability, I have been representing clients in federal and state appellate courts for more than 40 years. Trial lawyers often hire me to defend a large judgment from attack on appeal or to overturn a judgment that went against them. They know that the skills required of an appellate lawyer – the patience and know-how for painstaking analysis and research, coupled with the ability to organize large quantities of material and explain it in compelling prose – often are different from the highest skills of a trial attorney.

I provide a full complement of appellate services. My experience in the federal and state appellate courts is unique and extensive. I have represented clients in federal appeals and state appeals from trial court judgments in mass tort and individual tort cases, medical and legal malpractice trials, product liability claims, business litigation, divorce and family court proceedings, and the full spectrum of criminal convictions in white-collar and street prosecutions and sentence enhancement proceedings.