I help trial lawyers identify and refine theories of liability or defense, anticipate and solve evidentiary problems before they arise, and spot and build attacks against their adversaries’ weaknesses.  I also assist in planning for the possibility of appeal and seeing to the preservation of potential appellate issues.

I have more than 40 years’ experience identifying, evaluating, and putting research-based flesh on the bones of legal theories that win cases and create optimal settlement opportunities.  I know what arguments can work and what arguments cannot work.  I can develop the full potential of a workable argument and present an argument in its most cogent written form.

Whether the challenge is to avoid a bar to class action certification, build the foundation for  and structure the testimony of an expert witness, persuade a federal district court to remand a case to state court after removal, or lay the evidentiary and doctrinal groundwork for eventually persuading an appellate court to declare a new rule – or recognize that the time has come to abandon an old one – I know how to find the best solution.  And how to deliver it in a compelling argument.